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Blog Examples

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Some Examples of Blogs In Action












Classroom Blogging Examples

What's The Goss What's The Goss is the online record of the regular information presentations by the grade 5/6 students in Senior K. Check out the Voki and the students'oral presentations.
The Senior Puzzler The Senior Unit at Bellaire use the Senior Unit Puzzler is an interesting home based student activity. Puzzles are uploaded weekly and the students answer via the Comment function. The answers are held in moderation until "Find Out Friday" when they are released for all to view.
Coeliac Passion Project Emily's Coeliac blog is one of the 120+ Passion blogs from the 2007 senior students at Bellaire PS. Note the Clustrmap and that Emily's work was used as a primary reference source by another grade 6 student in Scotland, neat. You might also like to check out some of the 2008 projects too including Josh C, Alex, Emily, Caleb.
Bellaire French Blog Michelle, the Bellaire PS LOTE teacher uses the Bellaire French Blog to communicate with her students. Check out the Voicethreads and the audio embedded in the blog for students to use as a model for learning important words and phrases.





School Blog

Bellaire PS Bellaire Primary School has begun using a blog as an avenue for communication with the school community. It contains newsletters and links to important sites.
My Other Blog A blog where I list and talk about things ICT. Within the blog you can also find links to tutorials and other online presentations.
Mr P's Test Blog Mr P's Test Blog is where I test out different embeds and other blog related ideas.
Mr P's SMART Board This blog details my experiences in implementing an interactive whiteboard in my room.



Other Blogs & Search

Betchablog Chris Betcher's Betchablog is one of the many great Australian education blogs.
Australian edubloggers Directory Also check out a heaps of other prominent Aussie bloggers on the Australian edubloggers wiki which also has a link to a similar NZ wiki.
Blogpulse Blogpulse is one of the numerous blog search engines. Technorati is another blog search listing. You can also use the Google Blog Search.


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