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Blogs etc

(a wiki about getting started with Web 2.0)

(To navigate this wiki you can use the links in the Sidebar on the right of this screen)


What are Blogs?

Put simply blogs are websites that you can easily create and maintain with a minimum knowledge of technology. All you need do is to login to your blog, input the information you want to put on the web including all the normal formats eg images, audio and loads of other file types, then press a button, and your Weblog is updated.


And Social Bookmarking..... ?

Social Bookmarking is a way to store your Bookmarks/Favorites so that they are accessible from any internet connected computer. In addition the links can be classified, annotated and rated so that they can be more easily searched.


And RSS..... ?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, (and a couple of other acronymic definitions) is a way to provide short descriptions of updates from blogs and other sources along with a link to the full version of the content.


And Wikis ..... ?

Wikis or websites with attitude are another great way to get on the web. Easily create a website that can link within and without.


And Podcasting .....?

Podcast or radio for the web, what's next? Who knows, just hang on for the ride.


And More .....?

Now that you have your head around all this then how about you take a look at some other ideas on these related wikis.



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