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Wikis are another easily editable collaborative webspaces built around databases that enable to easily create pages and links within these pages to wherever and whatever you like to. They also enable you to discuss and monitor the various contributions and revisions to the wiki as well as enable users to access a range of statistics related to the space.


Wikis In Plain English

Wikis in Plain English is a great explanation from Lee Lefever at CommonCraft.





Wikipedia is arguable the most well known wiki. It is a free content encyclopedia, written collaboratively by people from around the world. The site is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit articles, simply by clicking on the "edit this page link". Don't forget Simple Wikipedia which may suit your primary aged students better.



wikiHow is a collaborative writing project aiming to build the world's largest how-to manual.



The Envirokidz wikispace is all about the school environment at Bellaire PS.


Terry the Tennis Ball

Terry the Tennis Ball is a choose your own adventure type story built on a wiki that my grade 3/4 children had a lot of fun with.


VCE Physics


VCE Physics is Adian Camm's wikispace designed for all VCE Physics students to discuss, collaborate and seek assistance from experienced educators and textbook authors.


ICT in Science Education

The aim of Nick Johnstone's ICTs In Science Education is to provide a useful set of ICT and other technology tools for Science Teachers to utilise in their classrooms.


Wikispaces for Teachers

Wikispaces for teachers is a free to education place to create your own wiki. NB be careful to sign up for Wikispaces for teachers and not the general wikispaces which has Google Ads.


Tutorial Notes for Wikispaces


Getting Started with Wikispaces is a set of tutorial notes I wrote to help you set up your own wikispace. 



pbworks or formerly Peanut Butter Wiki, is another service where you can make your own free wiki. You can get the ads removed if you are setting up an education based wiki.



Wetpaint is another wiki service that provides free spaces for education. One drawback is that the free Wetpaint wikis now carry Google ads. To get an ad-free wiki you now have to pay. That said, the Wetpaint interface is perhaps the most attractive of the free wiki services but editing and adding pages can be a little more tricky for students.


Tutorial Notes for Wetpaint

Getting Started with Wetpaint is a set of tutorial notes I wrote to help you set up your own Wetpaint wiki.

Wiki Walk Through The Wiki Walk Through from Teachers First is a neat website looking at all things wiki.


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